Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Featured Artists July at Gallery 9

BIRDS by Christine Wasankari and Sarah Leonard.
July’s Featured Artists for Gallery 9
Opening at the July Port Townsend Art walk
July 5th, from 5:00-8:00pm

Christine Wasankari and Sarah Leonard are showing an array of vibrant paintings and sterling silhouette jewelry about birds. What started this theme? Both artists love birds and bright colors.

Christine Wasankari "History" Mixed Media

Christine loves working in mixed media. She uses hand made papers, found objects sandy textures and loves to experiment. It's like playing with paints when we were all little, only now no one can tell her to quit being so messy. :-)

Christine’s paintings are bright and rich like a blue jay, fun like a kingfisher and witty like a crow. Inspiration from living amongst the trees at the edge of the Olympic Foresthas also prompted the desire to paint our feathered folk.

Christine Wasankari - "Never Meant to Be" Mixed Media

Sarah Leonared - Sterling Silver Neclace

Sarah Leonard work reflects the fun silhouettes and shapes of birds. She enjoys looking and listening to birds everyday. Trying to reflect the nature of the birds in silver by using accent stones for the eyes, cutting out the silhouette, texturing the wings and tail on both sides to create an enjoyable and wearable piece.

Sarah Leonared - Sterling Silver Neclace and Earrings

Reception coincides with gallery walk from 5 to 8 on July tth and continues through the month of July. Gallery 9 is located at 1012 Water Street, Port Townsend, WA. 360.379.3381

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