Saturday, March 28, 2009

Boca Raton Museum of Art Show

The show went well and was very well attended. We've decided to do several shows a year, so look for our schedule on our websites or in our newsletter. Since we plan to do shows, I traded in my Mercedes SLK-230 convertible for a Suzuki XL-7. It was pretty sad, as I bought the Mercedes several years ago with commission checks from my tech sales job. Guess I'm really letting go of that old life! I only hope one day soon I can buy a new convertible with sales from my art.

Deb and I learned a ton about what shows to do(from other artists at the show), how to set up our booth and what supplies etc are essential.

Here's our booth

This is my pink highlights for the "Art for Charity" Q12009 Fundraiser for MOM Foundation's Survivor Celebration Retreat Center
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