Friday, June 05, 2009

SUMMER CLEARANCE SALE "Mermates" Romantic Original Painting

Title: Mermates

Original, One of a Kind
Acrylic/Mixed Media on Pre-Stretched Canvas
Artwork Size: 30 x 40 (sides painted)
Thick Textured Paints in Deep Intense Blue, Red and Purple, Vibrant Rainbows Stripes of Electric Blue, Red. Copper, Gold, Antique Silver, Greens, Browns and Yellow

Artist Inspiration: "I did it as a tribute to soul mates everywhere but I couldn't resist throwing in a bit of fantasy. Who wouldn't wish they were a mermaid! Recently, a review was done of this piece and I have sold many prints. I like this painting so much, I will never discount it below what I'm asking now. Thanks for looking!", Pam.
Certificate of Authenticity, Artist Bio and Current Gallery List Price Included


abstract, acrylic, original, mermaid, mercouple